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Skymobi Tech. helps the organizations unleash the power of their most valuable assets: their data and  people. We make breakthrough products that change the way people use data. We help businesses see and understand their data

Make your data have an impact.

Whether you’re driving decisions across your organization or embedding insights into your software, app, or website – choose the analytics software that works best for greater returns.


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Benefits of Implementing our analytic solutions

Far too often, executives must rely on ‘best guess’ and ‘gut feel’ decisions as they attempt to steer banks into the future. They do this because their business data lacks any structure to allow them to make truly informed choices. Our solutions can provide more accurate historical data, real-time updates, synthesis between departmental data stores, forecasting and trending, and even predictive ‘what if?’ analysis,” eliminating the need to guesstimate.

Users can quickly get answers to business questions, rather than spending hours reading through volumes of printed reports.

Our solutions make it possible for users to access key business metrics, reports and dashboards on mobile devices like their iphone, BlackBerry, Samsung, giving sales and marketing people access to critical business information on the fly.

One of the great benefits of our softwares is that they allow organizations to gain visibility into what customers are transacting (or not), giving them “the ability to turn this knowledge into additional profit” and retain valuable customers.

Our products allows organizations to leverage customer data to build, refine and modify predictive models [that help] relationship managers and sales executives to up-sell and cross-sell products at appropriate customer touch points.

With detailed insights into business performance, organizations can easily see where they need to make changes to streamline operations.

Many organizations waste significant time hunting for data from within various departmental data sources which they need to help understand what is going on in their business. Using the our platforms, however, all the information is centralized and can be viewed in a dashboard or turned into a report, saving enormous amounts of time and eliminating inefficiencies.

Implementing our solutions will enable businesses to identify activities related to fraud and predict potential fraud before it occurs. It will also enable the organizations to identify the underlying risks and take appropriate actions to mitigate them.

Data to the power of people

When you pair smart and curious people with trustworthy data, something incredible happens. People across your organization start to see things in the business they couldn’t see before. They get answers to questions they previously wouldn’t have thought to ask. That’s the value of self-service.

But in order to get to true self-service, you need a business analytics platform that people will actually use. You need a platform that is easy to deploy and manage, and ensures the governance and security of your data.

That’s where Skymobi Tech.’s  platforms come in: a company dedicated to provide solution that un-earth insights lying in your data.

Data Analytic


Our products are transforming the way people use data to solve problems. We make analyzing data fast and easybeautiful and useful. It’s software for anyone and everyone.

Business intelligence

Business Intelligence (BI) instruments are the innovation that empowers specialists to change data into information that will help their businesses. Businesses are flooded with information about their clients, prospects, inside business forms, suppliers, accomplices and competitors. Often, they can’t influence this flow of information and convert it to significant data for developing income, expanding profit and proficiently working the business. This calls for Business Intelligence analytic tools that we are ready to offer to you.


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